Fery Kaszoni

15 Links Earned With Digital PR Campaign

This campaign landed massive links in Mirror (DR90), The Sun (DR94), and 15 other news websites.

This is how we’ve done it.

The campaign name was “Top 10 Causes of MOT Failures”

✅ We downloaded 38 million MOTs from the UK DVLA website

✅ We used Python and data manipulation software to sort and manipulate the data

✅ We filtered the data and selected only the failed MOTs

✅ Now we grouped the tests by cause of failure

✅ We sorted the list by the most frequent cause

✅ Tyres are the most common reason for cars to fail their MOT, followed by suspension coil springs and headlight aim.

✅ We wrote up a report based on our findings

✅ We used a tool called Roxhill to find journalists who write about cars, and sent them our report

✅ In a few days, the big links started flowing in

Data-driven PR campaigns are some of the safest bets for link building.

Especially large data sets that are hard to process will almost always land big links.

If you can squeeze out interesting stories from the data, journalists will likely cover it as they don’t have the capacity or time to process large data sets.

I hope this inspires and will awaken the research genie in you 🙂 🙌

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