Fery Kaszoni

18 Months of Digital PR Makes E-Commerce Website Explode

We’ve started aggressive Digital PR for this client in late 2021, and their organic traffic exploded.

We are now outranking big sites such as IKEA, Argos, Wayfair, for their main money keyword.

This client got all four pillars of SEO right:

– Technical SEO
– Search-intent-driven content
– Consistent link velocity
– Great products

We only took care of the “Links” pillar for them.

This is how we earned over 230 PR links (not just placements) for them in just a few months, from reputable national and regional news websites:


▫ We collected data from government websites and official sources

▫ We’ve analysed the data and tried to find interesting stories that we thought journalists would find useful and newsworthy

▫ We pitched the stories to hundreds of journalists


▫ Every month, we put our client forward as the expert in their niche, pitching dozens of expert opinions to reputable news outlets.


▫ Every month, we reacted to events and news where we could fit our client in with an opinion, an insight, or with advice.

By using the above techniques, we have secured hundreds of links in news websites such as The Sun, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, TechRadar, and lots more.

I’m not taking full credit for the growth of this website, though.

It’s not just our links that made the difference.

The client took care of the other important aspects of SEO: technical SEO, and clever keyword strategy.

They also have a great product offering and excellent customer service.

They kept on going, kept on investing for many months in a row, even when things did not look well sometimes.

And it paid off big time.

I always say that there are 4 main elements in SEO that will make a website successful:

Technical SEO + Content + Links + Great product/service.

But the 5th element is probably the most important one.


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