Fery Kaszoni

40 Digital PR Links in One Month For Our Client Bulk.com

We built 40 links in one month with Digital PR for our client Bulk.

Healthline (DR 92), Daily Mail (DR 91), Huffington Post (DR 89), and about 40 more news publications.

This is how we achieved this extreme level of link velocity:


When something happened in the news, we reacted and provided extra value to journalists to support their articles.

For example, after Chris Martin, the Coldplay frontman admitted to eating just one meal a day, we quickly jumped in and shared our client’s opinion on his diet.


We used our client’s expertise to share knowledge about nutrition and fitness.

We talked about:


We analysed trends on Google and TikTok, to create interesting insights that we knew journalists would love.

We then shared these insights with journalists who write about fitness and nutrition.

This case study shows that massive link velocity is possible with Digital PR.

40 links per month from super-high quality websites, is possible.

You need to have the budgets, be agile and creative enough to hijack the news and put your client forward as the expert in their field.

I hope this inspires and shows you what a well executed Digital PR can do 👊

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