Fery Kaszoni

60+ Links Digital PR Reactive Campaigns

This PR campaign landed 60+ links and placements with a ChatGPT reactive campaign.

This is how we’ve done it:

✅ Went to Similarweb, and found that OpenAI website has become one of the most visited websites in the world due to ChatGPT, ranking 44 globally.

✅ We used the statistics from Similarweb to create a detailed press release about the findings

✅ We used Roxhill and Muckrak to find journalists that write about technology and digital adoption

✅ We’ve sent them the press release

The campaign landed over 60 placements on some of the world’s most reputable websites.

Placements include Yahoo News (DR 92), The Wrap (DR 84), and Time magazine (DR 92).

PR link building doesn’t always mean heavy datasets.

Sometimes, even simple statistics, presented in a clever way to the press, can land massive links.

Just like in this example 💡

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