Fery Kaszoni

Casino Client Rankings Explosion After 100+ Digital PR links

Link building started in November, organic traffic exploded in May.

We’ve built over 100 Digital PR links to this website in the past months, and they are now exploding on Google.

For casino sites, we run campaigns about entertainment, sports, and general tech.

With this approach, we have secured links in Time Magazine (DR 92), Mirror (DR 90), The Sun (DR 90), and about 100 more news publications for this client.

We used two main PR methods to achieve consistent link velocity to this website:


Whenever something happened in the world of entertainment and sports, we reacted.

Our team found interesting insights around the event, and we shared them with journalists who regularly cover the topic.


We analysed data sets from various sources to create a unique story around sports, entertainment and even lotteries, that journalists loved.

We shared our research with the press and put our client forward as the entity who commissioned the research, helping us earn links to their website.

But it’s not just our PR campaigns that boosted this website.

The client is a large affiliate network, owning dozens of sites.

They are SEO gurus.

✅ They have the right content strategy in place.

✅ They have the right tech SEO in place.

And only when they have all those things in place, and they bring in the heavy artillery – Digital PR – the organic magic happens.

As seen in the charts below 📈

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