Featured snippet domination – this website in the super-competitive finance industry is absolutely killing it with the featured snippets, bringing in hundreds of thousands of users a month. How did I get here, with this website?

✅ Created a UI that is far superior to other website that I’m competing with

✅ Tested multiple variations of titles, over a 2 years period

✅ Tested multiple variations of top/main text (the one shown in the snippets) over a 2 years period

✅ Made sure that the top-section content (the one intended for the snippet) is serving the query in 2 ways: FAST, and COMPREHENSIVE. You have to be very clever, and make sure that the first paragraph is explaining a lot, with only 2 sentences.

✅ Added interactive elements to the page (custom coded with JavaScript)

✅ Added multiple images that also serve/explain the query within a 500 milliseconds glimpse

✅ I made sure that the internal linking of the page is done with lots of attention to detail

✅ Conducted outreach and made sure that the website was brought to the attention of certain people in the industry, so I gained backlinks to both the homepage, and also, to the sub-pages that dominate the snippets

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