What is the best way to learn SEO? I remember the day when I’ve set up my first blog in 2008, and I’ve posted an interesting article about a news topic that I’ve heard on the radio.

Google picked it up, and suddenly I’ve had 100+ people LIVE on the website, reading the content that I’ve created.

I immediately fell into a euphoric state, and fell in love with SEO.

I couldn’t sleep that night, my mind was overwhelmed with ideas, and my whole being started to undergo an unimaginable identity shift.

Suddenly, the doors to limitless possibilities opened up that day, and my world was never to be the same.

Since that day, I have built, launched, and managed over 100 websites and blogs (excluding client work). I’ve used them to experiment with SEO, with content, and backlinks.

Especially at the beginning, most of them were failures, but some of them turned out quite well.

Today, my network generates tens of thousands of £££ in passive income profit every year, and growing.

But the most valuable thing about my websites is that they allowed me to learn SEO like no other method would have allowed me to.

If you want to learn SEO, you must build your own websites, pick up a competitor, and go after them aggressively.

The lessons you’ll learn about SEO will be invaluable!

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