Very interesting blogger outreach link building case study. This kids music player brand is killing it on Google, and their main link building strategy is blogger outreach and PR.

The KickStarter funded Jooki Rocks brand started a massive outreach campaign in 2017, and they are still going with it even after 3 years.

Their success is largely attributed to the link building and the buzz that has been created around their brand.

This is what they have done, to build backlinks:

🔗 Reached out to hundreds of gadget and parent bloggers, sometimes paying for the article placement, or giving away their products for free

🔗 The bloggers and websites were a mix of English, German, French, and international websites.

🔗 They reached out to the press, managing to get coverage on outlets such as Entrepreneur, Elle France, France 24, Star Advertiser, and many more.

You can find their placement on some of the gadget blogs if you Google:

TheGeekCrunch Jooki
GeekDad Jooki
FamilyTechZone Jooki
ShowStoppers Jooki
OhSo Mummy Jooki

How can you replicate this?

Reach out to bloggers that are in a niche relevant to your, or your clients’ service or product.

Make sure that the blog has got some age, authority, and some organic traffic – you can use Semrush or Ahrefs to check this.

Don’t be upset if the blogger will ask £30 or even £500 to mention your brand on their blog.

The cost is not for the 1-2-3 hours that they spend to craft the article and place your link, but it’s for the years of hard work that they put in, to build up the authority of their website.

Also, bear in mind that this is hard work, and probably need to spend 2-6 hours per day on researching, and building relationships with THE RIGHT bloggers.

You’ll need to reach out to about 8-15 bloggers per day (depending on the campaign size), out of which maybe 5-7 will respond, and maybe 1-2 will be a suitable one for you, due to their terms/conditions, and prices.

You’ll need to communicate with the bloggers/website owners constantly to build and keep a great relationship, so don’t assume that it will take you 1 hour per week to conduct a blogger outreach campaign.

You can find the full Ahrefs backlink profile of Jooki Rocks website in the Google Sheets below, feel free to get inspired, and even get in touch with some of the bloggers from there:

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