Elon Musk VS Zuckerberg cage fight campaign got us massive links in The Independent, Daily Mail, and many more news websites.

This is how we’ve done it:

▪ Our team noticed this morning that Mark Zuckerberg challenged Elon Musk to a cage fight, and Elon accepted

▪ Within 2 hours, we put together an expert commentary on behalf of our fitness client Total Shape, commenting on who is most likely to win in the fight

▪ We sent the press release to journalists who cover fitness, business, as well as national newspapers

▪ Within 1 hour of sending our email, massive links started landing

▪ The Independent, a rare gem, Daily Star, Daily Mail, The Register, and many other BIG publications picked up our story

▪ This campaign will be a 20+ links campaign, getting our clients white-hat links that nobody can buy

This is a solid example of how you can use breaking news to land big links to a website.

The team worked together on Slack to get this out in record time, and the results are beyond spectacular.

Now this is how you land a tsunami of links with reactive expert commentary.

If you see a breaking news, you will have two hours to execute and react to it on behalf of your clients, and send something out to the press.

The rewards will be amazing.

As you can see in this case study.

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