This is how we got massive links in Timeout, ABC News, Thrillist, and 10 other news publications.

▪ Campaign idea: The best states in America for hiking

▪ We analyzed five factors that contribute to an optimal hiking experience

▪The factors included:

↳ Number of hiking trails and waterfalls relative to state area
↳ Percentage of each state covered by national and state parks
↳ Average yearly temperature and rainfall

▪ We gave each of the 50 US states a score out of 100 to create a Hiking Index

▪We wrote up a nice press release explaining our findings

▪We sent the email to US national and regional journalists, as well as travel and sports journalists

▪Our email was picked up, and our client was featured and linked from Timeout, ABC News, as well as 10 other news publications

This case study shows the power of “Index” campaigns.

Having a list of top 10 states/cities for a given topic will give you more outreach opportunities.

You can reach out to state-wide journalists and exponentially increase your chances of earning links.

You can use government data that is regionalised, or you can do your own research by using multiple data sources.

I hope this post is helpful, and inspires you to do regionalised PR campaigns to earn links in major news publications.

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