This campaign about Disney World got our client 30 links in the world’s most reputable publications.

This is how we’ve done it:

▪ We examined every ride from all four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort to see which one is the most popular

▪ We looked at three key factors for each ride:

↳ Instagram hashtags
↳ Tripadvisor ratings
↳ Average monthly search volume

▪ These factors were combined in a spreadsheet to create an index of the most popular rides

▪ Here are some of the findings:

↳ Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain takes the top spot

↳ The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ranks as the second most popular ride

↳ The thrilling indoor rollercoaster Space Mountain ranks as America’s third-favourite ride

▪We put our findings in an email report

▪ We sent the email to hundreds of journalists who write about travel

▪ We also sent the email to national and regional journalists from the US

▪ Dozens of journalists wrote about our story, and linked back to our client

Our client is a travel company organising Disney world trips, making the links 100% relevant to their website.

This campaign shows the power of combined data sets to create a unique story.

In this case, we used Ahrefs for search volume data, Instagram for hashtags data, and Tripadvisor for ratings data.

Then we combined the three together, to amplify the story.

This can also be done in other niches and industries.

You can use government data sets, Google search volume data, hashtags data, take some data from Numbeo, then scrape some data from Tripadvisor to create a unique story that is just impossible to put together by a journalist.

Then share it with the press.

The rewards will be magic links to your client – just like in this example, from the images below.

I hope this is helpful 😉

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