This is how we got a link in Huffington Post with ChatGPT, in 5 simple steps:

▪We asked ChatGPT to solve the school tests that year 6 students take in the UK (SATs)

▪Out of 36 arithmetic questions for a total of 40 points, the AI managed to solve 32, totalling 34 points, which corresponds to 85% of the test

▪We concluded that 10 to 11-year-olds were handed a test that not even an Artificial Intelligence has managed to complete to its fullest

▪We wrote up a report that explained our findings and results

▪We sent it to journalists who write about education

The campaign landed placements in Huffington Post, Yahoo News, and several other news publications 🔥

And these are not only links – they are relevant links about education, for our education client.

This case study is a testimony that you don’t need big data to earn links in reputable news outlets.

Creativity and the angle of the story is the single biggest factor in Digital PR, for earning consistent, relevant links.

As seen in the example below.

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